10 easy-peasy ways to top up your protein! ⁠

Recipes for protein powder


Protein powder is an essential tool in your arsenal after weight loss surgery, but it can be a struggle to know what to do with it day after day!

Fear not, here are 10 super simple but tasty ways to use your My New Tum™ PROTEIN:⁠

  1. Protein power your smoothies with a scoop of powder⁠
  2. Freeze your favourite smoothies into ice block molds for a cool treat⁠
  3. Turn it into soft serve - blend your protein powder with greek yoghurt and frozen fruit. Add a touch of honey for extra sweetness⁠
  4. Mix it in with your overnight oats or burcher muesli⁠
  5. Add it to your favourite protein ball recipe for an extra boost on-the-go⁠
  6. Soup up your cereal - dissolve your protein powder into water or milk and pour it over your cereal or muesli of choice⁠
  7. Make your coffee pack a punch - dissolve your protein powder into water or milk and pour over your espresso ⁠
  8. Add it to your greek yoghurt for a quick fix⁠
  9. Mix it into a bariatric-friendly breakfast muffin recipe ⁠
  10. Add it to your oatmeal along with your favourite toppings⁠

Don’t forget:⁠ Always mix your protein powder into liquid and not the other way round to avoid lumps and bumps in your mixture.⁠ Plus, a little extra water in your shake will reduce the sweetness!⁠


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