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Lauren Grewal
Love my New Tum

Check out video for review 🤩

Tasteless Protein

Really great full for this product. I struggle to reach my protein goals but having this readily available and so easy to put in my shakes, water or hot drinks helps me keep my protein levels up. Thank you 🙂

tasteless protein.
Sharon Wairepo
Tasteless protein powder

Great product easily stirs into coffee or smoothies etc ..t.I find its the best way to reach daily protein goals

Absolutely amazing!

Absolutely amazing! The Ultimate Bariatric Starter Pack has everything I needed to start my weight loss journey. The protein powders are fantastic, and the eCookbooks are full of delicious recipes. Highly recommend!

Really good

Finally found a protein powder my tummy can handle. Recommend and hoping for a new flavour some time😊

multi 2.0

Great product!

whey protein.
T Baggstrom

whey protein.

Tasteless protein

Love this product, can add it to any food or drink, dissolves easily and is truly tasteless, will definitely buy it again.

multi 2.0
Angela Quinn

Amazing love my Vitamins so easy to take and don't make me feel sick.

The Ultimate Bariatric Starter Pack is a game-changer.

The Ultimate Bariatric Starter Pack is a game-changer. It took the guesswork out of what I needed post-surgery. The smart scales and protein powders are my favourites. Highly recommend!

multi 2.0
Rachel S
Love them!

Excellent vitamins. Have taken these pre-op then since day one post-op and they’ve been amazing. Awesome that you can easily break them in half if you have trouble with the whole tablet. I just had my 3 month follow up bloods and everything was perfect. Can’t recommend these highly enough as a product, and the service is excellent!

Whey protein powder

It took me so many failed attempts to find a protein powder that sat well in my new tum. This product is perfect. No nausea or feeling bloated after. I even recommend it to non bariatric friends

Is totally tasteless I put in my daughter and Nanas coffees and teas to try give them some extra protein and they had no idea.

Incredible value for money!

Incredible value for money! The smart scales keep me on track, and the protein powders help me meet my daily nutrition goals. The eCookbooks are fantastic too. Highly recommend this pack to anyone about to have weight loss surgery.

So glad I bought this pack!

So glad I bought this pack! The whey protein powder tastes great, and the eCookbooks are super helpful. The free shipping was a nice bonus. Couldn't ask for more!

This starter pack is fantastic!

This starter pack is fantastic! It includes everything you need to start your weight loss journey right. The tasteless protein powder is amazing, and the smart scales are a great tool. Definitely recommend to anyone preparing for surgery.

multi 2.0

Love these

I usually like “My New Tum”products and was looking forward to trying this tasteless protein…..but I don’t like the taste of this at all. Really gluggy. It’s just sitting in the pantry now….. Two stars because I still like the company!!

Hi Carmel, oh no! The powder usually dissolves in a few seconds in cold water, but you do need to stir it. Anything hot like tea/coffee or soup it usually dissolves even faster. Did you know you can use it as a dry product? Like adding it to the dry ingredients in baking. Another favourite of mine is to blend it with avocado when I'm making guacamole, or, mixing it with peanut butter and honey, spreading that on toast with banana on top. It's a great way to up the protein content of meals and snacks that are otherwise a bit lacking in nutrition. I have your email address so I will send you our tasteless ecookbook and hopefully you will pull your tasteless protein out of the panty and give it another go? Otherwise, totally happy to refund you, as part of our happiness guaranty!

This bundle is a lifesaver!

This bundle is a lifesaver! From the smart scales to the multivitamins, every item is essential. The 12-month eCookbook subscription is a great bonus. Worth every penny!

Actually tasteless

I’ve tried a few “tasteless “ proteins and struggled with the aftertaste or the clumpy mess when mixing. I find my new tums tasteless protein is just that! And it’s easy to mix in. Great product to boost protein intake.

Excellent multi Vitamin.

Tasteless Protein + free e- cookbook

So enjoy the tasteless protein powder. Quality service for a quality product with the added bonus of fantastic recipes in the e- cookbook

multi 2.0
Megan Burbery
wont use anything else

I use my new tum, have done for a long time- they are the only vitamins that dont make me feel weird - all my levels in bloods have been good

tasteless protein + free e-cookbook

whey protein.
Olivia Norman

Super happy with product and service real quick and efficient. I'm a very happy customer ☺️