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Lauren Grewal
Love my New Tum

Check out video for review 🤩

Is totally tasteless I put in my daughter and Nanas coffees and teas to try give them some extra protein and they had no idea.

multi 2.0

Love these

I usually like “My New Tum”products and was looking forward to trying this tasteless protein…..but I don’t like the taste of this at all. Really gluggy. It’s just sitting in the pantry now….. Two stars because I still like the company!!

Hi Carmel, oh no! The powder usually dissolves in a few seconds in cold water, but you do need to stir it. Anything hot like tea/coffee or soup it usually dissolves even faster. Did you know you can use it as a dry product? Like adding it to the dry ingredients in baking. Another favourite of mine is to blend it with avocado when I'm making guacamole, or, mixing it with peanut butter and honey, spreading that on toast with banana on top. It's a great way to up the protein content of meals and snacks that are otherwise a bit lacking in nutrition. I have your email address so I will send you our tasteless ecookbook and hopefully you will pull your tasteless protein out of the panty and give it another go? Otherwise, totally happy to refund you, as part of our happiness guaranty!

Actually tasteless

I’ve tried a few “tasteless “ proteins and struggled with the aftertaste or the clumpy mess when mixing. I find my new tums tasteless protein is just that! And it’s easy to mix in. Great product to boost protein intake.

Excellent multi Vitamin.

Tasteless Protein + free e- cookbook

So enjoy the tasteless protein powder. Quality service for a quality product with the added bonus of fantastic recipes in the e- cookbook

multi 2.0
Megan Burbery
wont use anything else

I use my new tum, have done for a long time- they are the only vitamins that dont make me feel weird - all my levels in bloods have been good

tasteless protein + free e-cookbook

whey protein.
Olivia Norman

Super happy with product and service real quick and efficient. I'm a very happy customer ☺️

whey protein.
Joanne Gordon
Whey protein

Absolutely my favorite add in into Greek yogurt it's like a desert 🏜 😋

tasteless protein.
Julie Khoey
Great protein

Very nice, makes my coffee more enjoyable in the morning

multi 2.0
Jane Kirby
Multi 2.0

This product is fantastic. After having a total gastrectomy and RNY Bypass it’s vital I get the right vitamins due to the tiny amount I can eat. These also contain the calcium I need so no need to take two separate supplements. Perfect!

multi 2.0
Multi vit baratric

I was having to take so many different pills and higher than the dose recommended to get everything in which made me not able to eat much,
My Dietitian put me onto you and what a difference now it's great get everything I need in 2 pills not 20
And fast shipping received next day how awesome is that
Thank you

YAY! This is what we like to hear :D

Great protein

Love the texture and the fact it is flavourless! Blends so well with everything!

E Book recipes

These look absolutely amazing. Unfortunately I can’t eat a lot of these yet, but are building a great foundation for when I can in a few months time.

whey protein.
Leeanne Oakley

Best protein I’ve ever had. I love that I can use it in not just a smoothie. I use it for baking a lot as well.

whey protein.
Pauline B
I just love it!

The best tasting protein powder ever.
Mixed daily with yoghurt, cottage cheese, sugar free maple syrup and a little banana....absolutely delish.

Oooo this is a flavour combo I have not tried! *runs to kitchen*

Protein powder

This stuff is seriously the best protein powder I have ever tried, it is beautifully delicious.

multi 2.0
Melissa R
Amazing as always

These are my go-to vitamins after my sleeve surgery. Easy to repurchase and my bloods are across the board very consistent with vitamin levels now.

multi 2.0
Sally Waanders
Multi 2.0

Fairly easy to swallow even though its a big pill! Im still in the early stages of establishing new eating patterns 5 months out from my gastric sleeve so have days of good and bad eating! The multi seems to help me keep my energy levels up and Ive only been taking it a week but hoping that the thinning hair has started to slow down a bit...:-)

multi 2.0

Great product fast shipping.

multi 2.0
Karen Nuttall
How easy is this!!

Oh my easy is this!! Just 2... rather large, but easy to swallow tablets once a day and I'm done!! With having the subscription I never run out and it is now part of my daily routine, I never forget to take them!! Just one less thing to worry about on my journey!! Thanks Emma and the team at My New Tum for making my new life just that little bit easier!! :) Karen Nuttall

Oh you are the best, Karen! Thank you so much for your kind words :D Cheered me right up!

Tasteless protein

Perfect to mix with absolutely anything, I love having mine with my iced coffee in the morning makes for the perfect breakfast

multi 2.0
Taniya Tubby
The only multi I can use!

Love this product. Tried so many different multi after wls and this was the only one I could stomach 😜

I hear ya! When I had my own gastric sleeve in 2019 all the other brands made me queasy too. So with a background in the supplement industry and good old DIY kiwi spirit, My New Tum was born! And I couldn't be happier to hear it's working for you. Thank you for sharing x Emma