Daylight Saving and appetite

Daylight savings get better sleep WLS


Daylight Saving can be an unwelcome surprise for our body's circadian rhythm. This biological clock dictates when we feel tired and awake, and other key processes like appetite! 

Here are some quick ways to help your body adjust now that the clocks have changed: 

    1) Stick to a consistent wake-up time: The #1 rule for great sleep is super simple: Wake up at the same time every day. Getting yourself out of bed at the same time will send a signal to your body and circadian clock to stay on track. 
    2) Get some sun first thing in the morning: Help your circadian rhythm adjust to the new schedule by exposing yourself to some morning light. 
    3) Keep things dark at night: To train your body to adjust to the new time, aim to turn off all bright lights and electronics around sunset. Let the light (or lack of light) outside dictate the light in your space. 



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