Dizzy? Restore your blood sugar levels quickly

Dizzy Restore your blood sugar levels quickly


The food we eat provides energy to fuel our bodies throughout the day in the form of blood sugar. Carbs in particular are needed to energise the brain. When the body experiences a shortage of fuel, your blood sugar may drop, causing you to feel dizzy.

The human body breaks down and absorbs carbs for energy quicker than any other nutrients, so if you can find a good source of simple carbs — like fruit juice, bread, a cup of milk, or a bit of honey — eating one of these will help restore your blood sugar levels quickly.

Once the initial bout of dizziness has passed, try having another snack that pairs a fibre-rich complex carb with protein. Eating this way helps stabilise your blood sugar levels and prevent them from falling suddenly.

Some examples of snack combinations:

  • yogurt with fruit
  • whole-grain crackers with cheese
  • peanut butter toast
  • cut veggies with hummus

Dehydration can be confused with low blood sugar since many symptoms of each are similar. An easy way to distinguish dehydration from low blood sugar is to check if you’re producing urine that is dark in colour.

Final thought… Speak with a medical professional like a doctor or registered dietitian about if you’re regularly experiencing dizziness, and always listen to your body.


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