Gymtimidation: the fear is real people!

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Most people who have stepped foot in a gym have suffered from gym anxiety at one point or another. Multiply that by 1000 for those of us who really struggle with weight and self-esteem issues. 

However, all of us, pre or post-WLS, understand how important it is to move our bodies more for our overall wellbeing, especially as we learn to treat ourselves like the queens that we are!

Luckily, we have created a handy beginner’s guide to overcoming our common foe:

    1. Get friendly with your new surroundings - take a tour of the facilities, meet the trainers or simply survey the classes offered online before making a commitment.
    2. Start slow - Rome wasn’t built in a day! Set a small goal for your first visit, e.g. 15 minutes on an elliptical or a solid stretch and go from there.
    3. Work with a trainer - most gyms offer a free introductory session, which is a great way to learn the ropes and build confidence. Be specific about your goals. If you have the means and enjoyed the experience, work with your trainer to develop a programme that is unique to you and helps you achieve your goals faster.
    4. Plan, plan, plan! Like all aspects of life after weight loss surgery, conscious planning is key to giving our bodies what they need to succeed. If you know exactly what exercises you want to do in advance, and in what order, you will focus your workout and avoid feelings of uncertainty on the gym floor. Scared of the changing room? Plan ahead and come dressed in your workout kit! Easy-peasy.
    5. Think positive, breathe deep - don’t let those negative thoughts get the better of you! Reframe negative self-talk and turn that frown upside down. If you catch yourself worrying that someone is judging your weight, try reassuring yourself that they are there to workout and focused on their own actions. Still feeling anxious? Pause and take some deep breaths from the diaphragm. It’s a proven stress buster!
    6. Just keep swimming (or walking, or lifting weights…) - listen to the sage philosopher, Dory. You’ve got this! The more you go, the more confidence you’ll build and the better you will feel.
    7. Mix it up to keep it up - it’s ok to feel too overwhelmed to hit the gym one day, or simply not in the mood. Try exercising at home or outside, for a change of scene, and show yourself that you still care. 


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