Heroin chic is back and the internet is not happy


Heroin chic is back| WLS support| Nutritional supplements


A recent New York Post article headlined “Bye, bye booty: Heroin chic is back” has the internet in flames. 

“Heroin chic” as many of you will remember, was a fashion trend in the 90’s that glamorised extreme thinness and glorified eating disorders like anorexia.  

Actress and activist of body neutrality, Jameela Jamil, is determined to stop this deadly trend in its tracks. She wrote a heartfelt op-ed about the damaging effects of the trend that ‘held my generation in a chokehold’. 

Like Jamil, I too grew up in the era of heroin chic. I remember being fascinated by super-skinny women like Kate Moss, who famously told a reporter in 2009 that “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. Yikes!

The antidote? My therapist would say “self-acceptance, self-love, self-care and self-compassion”. And maybe stay away from the internet for a while!

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