Kick Cravings to the Curb + Tips & Tricks to Try Today!

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Oh, those pesky cravings – they sure know how to sneak up on us! One moment, you're all cool and collected, and the next, you've got an intense desire for something sweet, salty, or fabulously fatty. 

Now, here's the curious thing – cravings don't always come with those classic hunger signs like growling tummies or fatigue. Nope, they're more like desires, and they can pop up at any given moment. 

Fun fact – men and women crave differently! Dudes tend to drool over savoury goodies like meat and fish, while the ladies tend to fall head over heels for sweet treats like chocolate, cakes, and ice cream. 

Three reasons you’re going craving crazy:

  1. Snooze to Soothe: Quality sleep is the secret sauce! Craving sugar? Sleep efficiency might be to blame. So, snuggle up and prepare that bedtime routine to calm your mind. No caffeine after 3 pm, and give your phone a snooze party in the living room. Breathe deep and meditate your way to dreamland – you'll wake up feeling fabulous!
  2. Stress Less, Crave No More: When stress knocks on your door, cortisol (the hormone we don't want at the party) throws a craving bash! Journaling is your secret weapon – let go of the day's stress, find gratitude, and set your focus right. Three simple steps to conquer stress like a boss!
  3. Mindful Eating Magic: Dieting might trigger cravings when you wave goodbye to specific foods. How about building a mindful relationship with food instead? Improving your relationship with food through mindfulness and intuitive eating can help move us out of diet culture. 

Five habits to curb cravings:

  1. Hydration Happiness: Wave goodbye to cravings with a big glass of icy-cold water. Hydrate your way to bliss and feel that sense of fullness – hydration never looked so cool!
  2. Power Up with Protein: Lean, mean, and craving-busting machines! A protein-rich diet can put those cravings on snooze mode. Kick start your day with a high-protein breakfast and keep some protein powder handy for emergencies.
  3. Shop with a Full Belly: Time for a shop? Not when you're hangry! The sugary, salty, and fatty foods lurk at eye level, so, fuel up before shopping.
  4. Teeth Brushing Time: No scientific evidence, but hey, it works wonders for me! Brush your teeth after meals – your taste buds might just chill out for a bit. Cunning, right?
  5. Chewing Gum: Studies say 45 minutes of gum-chewing makes you less hungry and craving-resistant. Worth a shot!

Seven swaps to get you of a craving crisis:

When you crave something sweet:

  • Say hello to dark chocolate (+70%) – it's got antioxidants and low sugar, the perfect combo!
  • Need sweetness without the guilt? Applesauce and fresh fruits are your go-to buddies! Filled with nutrients and low in calories – they'll keep you feeling fab!
  • Oh, hello, homemade smoothie ice cream! Blend your favourite fruits with My New Tum's protein powder, greek yogurt, freeze, and ta-da! A healthy protein smoothie ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

And when the salt cravings hit:

  • Popcorn to the rescue! Air-popped, low-calorie, and ready to be your snacking sidekick!
  • Dive into the world of hummus – the perfect dip for carrot sticks and cucumbers! Dip away, guilt-free.
  • Nutty goodness awaits! Grab some edamame beans and nuts – they're packed with protein and healthy fats. 
  • Roasted chickpeas with olive oil, garlic powder, and paprika – the ultimate snack sensation! 

Cravings, you've got nothing on us! Let's rock this weight loss journey with smiles, laughter, and a whole lot of deliciousness! Happy cravings-crushing, folks! 🎉


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