Food is not 'good' or 'bad'

Some foods are just more appropriate than others right now!⁣

Some foods nourish us physically, and some foods nourish us mentally and emotionally⁣.

Top tip - With each meal, ask yourself “what can I add to this to make it more nourishing and satisfying?”⁣

WLS is a second chance to live a healthier life again so don’t let your taste buds be hijacked by highly processed, highly palatable and chemically-laden foods.

⁣To change those taste buds back, we need to be giving our body proper fuel and taking a high dose bariatric multivitamin is a big part of that.

Have you tried our My New Tum™ MULTI? 

If you haven’t this is a great start to getting all the daily vitamins and minerals you will need! 

Our bariatric all-in-one multivitamin tablets for women and men contain all the vitamins and minerals bariatric patients need. 

Taking My New Tum™ MULTI is the simplest way to meet your nutritional needs!


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