Game-changing 2-per-day bariatric multivitamin

My New Tum bariatric multivitamin

Multi 2.0 is our brand new, 2-tablets-per-day bariatric multivitamin that’s changing the way Kiwis feel after weight loss surgery. Now you can achieve the transformative health and energy that My New Tum is famous for, without 👏 ALL 👏 THOSE 👏 TABLETS.


Here are 8 really good reasons to love it:

  1. Super handy all-in-one formula means no more expensive and complicated ‘mix & match’ supplement regimes
  2. A powerful nutrient punch with 25 high-quality active ingredients (that’s more than any other bariatric multivitamin available in NZ or Aus!)
  3. Nourish and nurture your body with essential vitamins and minerals that are gentle on empty tummies and vital for long-term health after WLS
  4. Ingredients that assist with regulating metabolism, appetite and help to properly convert calories into useable energy
  5. Unscented, coated for enhanced intestinal absorption and easily split in two for comfortable swallowing
  6. No more niacin flushing! We made one ingredient switch from Niacin to Niacinamide to prevent the dreaded niacin flush which affects about 5% of the population. Both are an excellent form of Vitamin B3. 
  7. Nutritional gaps and nana naps are a thing of the past. Improves energy, sleep, mood, hair strength and more!
  8. Free up your brain space and your pill box!


Who can take it?

Suitable for the whole family and during the pre-op diet phase (on a half dose), and for those who’ve had surgeries like:
✓ Sleeve gastrectomy
✓ Gastric bypass
✓ Roux en Y gastric bypass
✓ Gastric banding
✓ Revision surgery


What are our customers saying? 

Dubbed the ‘Self Love Tablet’ by one customer, we’ve been humbled by the enthusiasm and messages of support from those who’ve already tried Multi 2.0. You have to read the reviews!


What’s next for My New Tum? 

Right now we’re working on a ‘set and forget’ subscription service with a discount for continued loyalty - stay tuned, coming very soon.


So, for a difference you can actually feel, try My New Tum's Multi 2.0 today.

Still not quite convinced, why not try a sample?


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