Maximise health and energy post-WLS. Here's how:

You might have heard that taking a high-dose multivitamin is vital after WLS.

But did you know you need proper vitamin and mineral supplementation to efficiently burn calories and boost metabolism?

There are 25 active ingredients in My New Tum™ MULTI - that's more than any other Bariatric multivitamin available in New Zealand or Australia.

Here's just a few of the ways My New Tum MULTI can support you to feel healthy and energised after weight loss surgery:


Vitamin B6 is a heavy hitter, having a daily role in everything from movement to memory to energy and blood flow.

This powerhouse is responsible for producing hemoglobin that carries oxygen in red blood cells throughout the body, maintaining a healthy nervous system, converting food into fuel, working to balance blood sugar levels — and it may even act as a natural painkiller.

Potentially boosting mood by increasing levels of serotonin, some studies suggest that Vitamin B6 could have a favourable effect on mental health.
The benefits of Vitamin B6 are unparalleled!

Vitamin D is a trending topic and researchers are still discovering new ways that this powerful and essential nutrient affects your physical health and wellbeing — it’s among the top immunity boosting vitamins, with a positive impact on brain power, improving attention and focus.

Vitamin D and Calcium work together, as Vitamin D helps us to absorb Calcium effectively, giving it a powerful effect on bone density. Our clever bodies actually meet most of our Vitamin D requirements by exposure to sunlight.

My New Tum™ MULTI uses Vitamin D3 which provides maximum absorption.

Vitamin B8 is technically a natural sugar, and most accurately defined as a sugar alcohol. Before you panic, Vitamin B8 is quickly broken down and used as energy in the body and does not interfere with ketosis or cause a spike in blood sugar.

Plus, this molecule has some pretty powerful health benefits. The most well-known and thoroughly-researched benefit of Vitamin B8 is its potential to treat PCOS, and it may improve fertility. It may also contribute to improving insulin sensitivity and lowering some PMS symptoms.

Vitamin B4 is neither mineral or vitamin, but an essential micronutrient needed for many important processes within the body that are carried out hundreds of times every day.

Vitamin B4 is mightily important for liver function, normal brain development, nerve function, muscle movement, maintaining energy levels and a healthy metabolism.

Vitamin B2 is vital for the effective functioning of every single cell in your body. Without it, we risk symptoms like anemia, fatigue and a sluggish metabolism. It’s Vitamin B2 that turns the food we eat into usable bodily energy.

It’s also useful in calming the nervous system, battling chronic stress, and regulating hormones that control appetite, energy, mood and temperature.

Chromium is best for balancing blood sugar levels that give us energy and assists with metabolising fats, proteins and carbs.

If you have existing insulin resistance or diabetes, Chromium is for you.

Manganese is involved in a number of powerful chemical processes throughout the body, including the synthesis of nutrients like cholesterol, carbohydrates and proteins.

Manganese may assist with balancing hormones that affect nearly every aspect of our health, and helps to prevent Calcium deficiency by balancing levels of Calcium in the body.  


Vitamin K1 is more common but less bio-active than Vitamin K2. Calcium, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 work together benefiting the skeleton, heart, teeth and nervous system by helping to regulate the use of Calcium within the body.

This powerful vitamin is often left out of other multivitamins, but My New Tum™ MULTI provides enough K2 to keep you fighting fit.


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