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After WLS surgery, most of us will experience some hair shedding. This is due to our new restrictive diet and the stress of surgery interrupting the hair growth phase (often lasting six months or so).

If you're on a mission to re-grow your locks following the dreaded shed, you need to know about Biotin (aka Vitamin B7).

But how does biotin work for hair growth, exactly? Read on!


What is Biotin?

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, part of the B complex. This nutrient plays a major role in energy production, helps us to metabolize food into fuel, and keeps our skin, hair and nails in tip-top condition.

Your body cannot make biotin on its own. Biotin rich foods include salmon, animal meats, eggs, cheese, sunflower seeds and spirulina. You can also find it in My New Tum™ MULTI. 


Biotin is a well-known healthy-hair heavy-weight—and for good reason, too:

  1. Decreased shedding - Biotin helps nourish hair follicles, which is important because each hair follicle is in charge of anchoring each hair to the skin. Biotin may also stimulate growth of existing hair, as it's involved in the production of keratin, the main structural protein in hair.
  2. Shiny hair - Healthy, strong hair is often naturally shiny and glossy. But this relies on adequate levels of nutrients that support hair growth and strength—like, you guessed it, Biotin.
  3. Hair fullness - The dreaded shed left many of us with a limp thin mane. But as Biotin supports healthy hair growth, it can also contribute to more voluminous and fuller-looking locks!


Additional hair-health ingredients to look for

For optimal hair benefits (among other things) we’ve included additional complementary hair-health nutrients in our all-in-one bariatric multivitamin, like Vitamins B2, B6, C, D3 and E, as well as Selenium and Zinc—all required for healthy hair function. 

The collagen content in My New Tum™ PROTEIN is also beneficial for hair growth. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and that can strengthen hair and buffer against hair follicle damage. For best results, you want a grass-fed bovine Collagen that contains Collagen types I and II—this is what we use in My New Tum™ PROTEIN. These types of Collagen are vital in promoting hair health.


How long does it take?

If you're experiencing hair struggles after weight loss surgery, you should see results in three to six months once you begin taking My New Tum™ MULTI and My New Tum™ PROTEIN.

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