The secret to success after WLS? Here it is


My New Tum™ MULTI and My New Tum™ PROTEIN are designed to work together in perfect harmony.

Here’s why they’re the best of friends:

My New Tum™ MULTI

  • All-in-one bariatric multivitamin, no more mix and matching!
  • A powerful nutrient punch with 25 active ingredients
  • Coated and easily split in two for comfortable swallowing
  • Maximises health and energy
  • Bolsters skin, hair and nails
  • Regulates metabolism, appetite and properly converts calories into energy


  • Protein Powder with a whopping 30g of protein in each shake
  • NZ whey concentrate, isolate and certified pure collagen
  • 100% natural, absolutely no nasty stuff here
  • The ultimate addition to your Pre-Op or VLCD
  • Delicate Vanilla flavour with subtle sweetness, perfect for post-WLS taste buds

Set yourself up for success in 2022 with supplements designed just for you.


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