Everything you need to know about vitamins and minerals after WLS...

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“Which WLS supplement is best?”
“Do I really need to keep taking these?”
“Are the supermarket ones REALLY that different?”
“Can’t I just buy something cheaper?”

Everything you need to know about vitamins and minerals after weight loss surgery...

  • After weight loss surgery, you are highly unlikely to get all the vitamins and minerals you need from the food you eat. This is due to both a reduced food intake and altered absorption after sleeve and bypass surgeries.
  • There will always be someone who will say you don’t need supplements. This contradicts a large body of scientific research, meaning they are poorly informed about the risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies post surgery.
  • To ensure your vitamin regime is suited to you, you need regular, ongoing blood tests. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies develop over time, so a good blood test result at six months post surgery does not mean you will be fine six years post surgery.
  • Supermarket multivitamins are not a good option following surgery. They may have a broad range of nutrients, however are not high in the specific nutrients that are at greatest risk of deficiency post surgery.
  • Weight loss surgery specific multivitamin and mineral supplements like My New Tum™ MULTI are the best option, meeting the most Recommended Dietary Intakes and are higher in some of the key, at risk nutrients post surgery.
  • Even with the weight loss surgery specific multivitamin and mineral supplements, you may still need additional iron, B12 and D3 supplements in the years that follow WLS.


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