My New Tum™ PROTEIN sample

You can now try and have a taste of our My New Tum™ PROTEIN powder it is your weight loss surgery super power! 

My New Tum™ MULTI 

And experience My New Tum™ MULTI  a life long vitamin and mineral supplementation is vital following weight loss surgery.

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Lauren Grewal
Love my New Tum

Check out video for review 🤩

whey protein.
Pauline B
I just love it!

The best tasting protein powder ever.
Mixed daily with yoghurt, cottage cheese, sugar free maple syrup and a little banana....absolutely delish.

Oooo this is a flavour combo I have not tried! *runs to kitchen*

Protein powder

This stuff is seriously the best protein powder I have ever tried, it is beautifully delicious.

multi 2.0
Melissa R
Amazing as always

These are my go-to vitamins after my sleeve surgery. Easy to repurchase and my bloods are across the board very consistent with vitamin levels now.

multi 2.0
Sally Waanders
Multi 2.0

Fairly easy to swallow even though its a big pill! Im still in the early stages of establishing new eating patterns 5 months out from my gastric sleeve so have days of good and bad eating! The multi seems to help me keep my energy levels up and Ive only been taking it a week but hoping that the thinning hair has started to slow down a bit...:-)

multi 2.0

Great product fast shipping.

multi 2.0
Karen Nuttall
How easy is this!!

Oh my easy is this!! Just 2... rather large, but easy to swallow tablets once a day and I'm done!! With having the subscription I never run out and it is now part of my daily routine, I never forget to take them!! Just one less thing to worry about on my journey!! Thanks Emma and the team at My New Tum for making my new life just that little bit easier!! :) Karen Nuttall

Oh you are the best, Karen! Thank you so much for your kind words :D Cheered me right up!

Tasteless protein

Perfect to mix with absolutely anything, I love having mine with my iced coffee in the morning makes for the perfect breakfast

multi 2.0
Taniya Tubby
The only multi I can use!

Love this product. Tried so many different multi after wls and this was the only one I could stomach 😜

I hear ya! When I had my own gastric sleeve in 2019 all the other brands made me queasy too. So with a background in the supplement industry and good old DIY kiwi spirit, My New Tum was born! And I couldn't be happier to hear it's working for you. Thank you for sharing x Emma


Love this tasteless protein - mixes well into my yogurt for an extra boost of protein and isn’t grainy so you don’t even know it’s there 🤣 mixes well into coffees too

multi 2.0
Stuart Paul
Perfect Complete Multi

I find this product quick and easy. One tablet in the morning and one at night. 9 months post gastric sleave. Quick shipment and local support. The hand written notes is a nice touch too,


These have exceeded my expectations. Very easy to download and connect to the free app. Results are fascinating and really useful for choosing where to focus eg hydration, protein, muscle mass etc and you can easily link behaviour eg drinking more water, to results (although we all know results are not instant 😊). I like being able to make informed decisions from data I can collect myself, and make my own evidence-based decisions about priorities for me 👍😊. I was hesitant to invest but they are fab, so glad I did! Thanks My New Tum for discovering these!

Smart scale

I am amazed at what information it gives you, when it does the body scan. Just standing on a scale.

Amazing, right! I''m obsessed with the hydration metric and it's really helping me improve :D

Smart scale

Really good investment probably should have had this prior to surgery. !

Yeah! I wish these were around when I first had WLS

Coolest scale ever

Love the scale so far thanks! The data is fascinating — have learned lots about the make up of my body and what I need to work on, and can see the metrics change as I adjust what I’m doing. Also it’s solid and the weight is accurate and it looks good in the bathroom :)

Awesome! So glad to hear you're enjoying it. I am too!!

These were easy enough for me!

I'm not the best cook, but I've been trying to get better and I was thrilled that these recipes were not too complicated. Plus, yummy + not unhealthy = winner.

Love ❤️

This has given me a whole new inside as,to how,my body is tracking. Some I want to know others I do t so much but least I know what I have to work on. Easy to use and very accurate .

Tasteless protein

This has been a life saver for me, I have allergies and found that the only protein drink I could have post op has become something I struggled to tolerate. Now I add the tasteless protein to everything and I am making my protein goals without struggling anymore. Thanks so much

New multivitamin

Like this as I have good intolerances and it’s is soy free which is important for me. You can easily Break it in two so easy to swallow

Christmas Theme Protein Shakes!

This recipe pack is a must-have for anyone post-WLS. The treats are delicious and guilt-free. I loved the Eggnog Protein shake!

Love me some balls

These recipes are just what I needed for the holiday season. They are healthy, tasty, and festive. The Almond protein balls were a big hit!

Every Recipe is Good!

Every recipe I've tried from this eBook has been fantastic. They're easy to make and taste really good. The hazelnut mousse is to die for!

Protein balls are the best

As someone who loves baking but is mindful of my weight post-WLS, this eBook is perfect. All the protein balls were amazing!

Gastric sleeve surgery

I've struggled to find good dessert options since my gastric sleeve surgery. This ebook offers so many great choices. The Chocolate Beetroot Cake is my fav

Easy to follow

This eBook has been a game-changer for my post-WLS journey. I was a bit worried about all the 'fear-foods' at Christmas time, but the recipes are easy to follow, and the treats are delicious. Highly recommend!